TEST I Moved To CDMX Two Years Ago, These Are 13 Key Differences In My Day

There’s no denying that both Mexican and American cultures have greatly influenced one another. The countries share a 1,954-mile-long border. There is definitely going to be some cultural overlap. However, ask anyone who has spent any amount of time living in both countries, and they’ll quickly be able to mention several key differences that shape a resident’s daily life. Here’s what I have found since living in Mexico for over two years:

In Mexico, there’s a sound for nearly any service you could possible need at any hour of the day or night.

Cities are notoriously noisy chaotic places. They’re filled with the soundtrack of people going about their daily lives, pets jockeying for attention, the sounds of commerce and industry…now imagine these sounds in a Mexican city of more than 20 million people.

Mexico City takes things to a whole other level with a loud noise for pretty much any daily service you may want or need. Looking to get your knives sharpened? There’s a whistle for that. Run out of gas? Listen for the grito of the gas man. Need drinking water for your apartment? Just wait and you’ll hear the water guy screaming “aguaaaaaaaa!” Want a late night coffee and tamal? Or someone to haul away your unwanted garbage or furniture? They all have their own unique alarm, bell, song or grito to get your attention.

In the U.S., our garbage is just collected without much thought to it.

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