Miya Ponsetto Faced Her Charges In Court After Her SoHo Hotel Attack Behavior

Recently it was revealed that a charge of public intoxication stemming from an altercation at a Beverly Hills hotel last year has been dropped.

According to the New York Post, Ponsetto had her case in LA County Court dismissed on Jan. 28 after her lawyer made the argument that it was an isolated incident in which she had no previous criminal history in California.

Ponsetto’s mother, Nicole also appeared in court that day for battery charges on a police officer in the incident. She pled no contest and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. She also reportedly entered a 12-month diversion program.

In response, Harrold Sr. is reinvigorating efforts for the hotel to take responsibility for the Dec. 26 attack.

In an effort to ensure justice, Harrold Sr. has shared his experience again. In an effort to reinvigorate attention to the case brought against her. Harrold Sr. and his family hired civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump and have had several rallies in New York City calling for justice.

Video of Miya Ponsetto fighting with cops during a DUI arrest weeks before her assault of Keyon Harrold, Jr. has surfaced.

In the video of the incident that took place on Oct. 3 outside of a Chevron gas station. Ponsetto can be seen acting out against police officers attempting to detain her after confirming she was intoxicated. Ponsetto’s mom, Nicole Ponsetto, can also be seen.

In the video, Ponsetto resists the efforta of an officer to place her in cuffs.

“I’m not even touching you,” she screams. “You are asking for literally a lawsuit. I didn’t do anything to you.”

“I just think you guys are like a joke,” Ponsetto says at one point while pinned to the ground. “There are gang members that are killing people right now and you’re arresting a girl?”

In a virtual interview with CBS This Morning host Gayle King that took place hours before her arrest, Miya Ponsetto wore a Daddy hat.

During an interview, which her lawyer sat in on, Ponsetto told Gayle King, “I admit, I could have approached the situation differently, or maybe not yelled at him like that or made him feel … inferior, or like I was hurting his feelings.”

Later, as King pressed Ponsetto to admit she had grossly misbehaved, Ponsetto insisted she was just. girl. “OK, so basically I’m a 22-year-old girl. Racism, uh, is … how is one girl accusing a guy about a phone a crime?” Eventually she snapped at Gayle’s questioning saying “alright Gayle, enough!” She even flounced a hand at Gayle while her lawyer attempted to get her to reel it in.

No doubt, Ponsetto’s decision to wear a hat with slang referring to the authority of a man was poorly made. It was also extremely disrespectful considering that she did so knowing that she would be in the presence of a well-known and respected Black journalist who had offered her a chance to redeem herself with an interview. Ponsetto’s hat proves to be a representation of her character: a privileged woman, making no attempts to endear herself to a woman of color who worked hard to get where she is despite the many ways the world has tried to hold her back.

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