PAZ is a sustainable lifestyle brand with deep Latin American roots (Peruvian to be exact) that takes its heritage seriously. In addition to its commitment to environmental sustainability, PAZ Lifestyle also works to tell the stories of the Latino brands that it works with and uplift Peru’s Indigenous communities.

Now, as New York Fashion Week fast approaches, the annual Fashion Night Out events will have one major standout as the brand – which is largely an e-commerce business – prepares to host a special edition pop-up shop called Peru Fashion Night Out.

Peru Fashion Night Out is the work of Isabella Montoya and her sustainable brand PAZ Lifestyle.

As the focus of the event is to highlight the “Peruvian talent that exists inside and outside of New York,” Montoya recently hold HOLA! USA, Peru Fashion Night Out will see visits by model Juana Burga and environmental activist Marina Testino.

New York Fashion Week also comes as the community gets ready to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month and Latinx Heritage Week. Therefore, Montoya is set to organize a Latinx panel and a Climate Week Panel to talk about the relationship between the fashion and beauty industry and climate change.

Montoya’s e-commerce brand specialized in Latinx brands – including popular Peruvian ones like Ayni, Blanca Pukara, Greta, Imani, Lima Sagrada. But Mexican brands (like Doizpe and Malaumx) as well as Ecuadorian, Colombian, and Bolivian ones are also represented by the site.

The popup will be running through the month of September at New York’s Refinery Hotel, which is located just blocks away from all the action of New York Fashion Week – based in nearby Bryant Park.

PAZ Lifestyle was created out of a necessity to address the fashion industry’s sustainability problem.

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