Some people get a rush out of going to yard sales or outlets. Many Latino families, however, look forward to making a day out of going to the swap meet or la pulga as others call it. Dad would wake everyone up super early with his signature huevos con winnie urging you and your siblings to get your breakfast taquitos in so you could hit the road. You’d all jump into your tan-and-brown Dodge Caravan, or Astro Van, and hop on the freeway en route to the land of tilicheros.

Once there, the options of things you begged your parents for to buy you were limitless. This is what our mitú friends say was on their swap meet wish list:

1. The little perrito that would walk and bark.

Some were furry, some were plastic like this one. But you couldn’t turn the aisle corner without almost tripping on one of these cutie pies. Ya que papá didn’t want any real dogs in the house, you would guilt-trip him into getting you one that wouldn’t poop or make the house smell like dog.

2. Those mini fireworks you would throw at everyone’s feet to scare the sh*t out of them.

I want to say only kids with silver teeth used these but I’m going to be honest, I didn’t have silver teeth and I enjoyed throwing these to scare my brother. If you saw another desmadroso throwing these around, you knew he had just been to the swap meet.

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