TEST ‘Alma’s Way’, the New PBS Kids Series About a Boricua Girl In the Bronx, Here’s What We Know

“Alma’s Way” finally has a premiere date! The upcoming show about an impulsive but kind 6-year-old Boricua girl in the Bronx learning to think for herself will premiere on PBS Kids on October 4, 2021.

“Alma’s Way” was created by The Sesame Street icon and fellow Boricua Sonia Manzano, who says the show is based on her life.

As we reported before, “Alma’s Way” will center around “a proud, confident Puerto Rican girl, who lives in the Bronx with her parents and younger brother, Junior, as well as a diverse group of close-knit and loving friends, family, and community members.”

“Alma’s way is to think things through, and I hope by animating the thought process, kids will be inspired and excited about what goes on in their own minds,” Manzano said in a statement. “I want them to know we all have the power to think regardless of who we are.”

According to the show’s official website, “Alma’s Way” is for children 4 to 6-years-old and will focus on “critical thinking and helping young viewers to discover their own unique voice and find solutions to challenges.” Through Alma’s diverse group of friends, she will learn to think for herself and understand other people’s points of view. If that’s not a skill children need to learn in 2021, we don’t know what is!

“Alma’s Way” will explore the beautiful multiculturalism of present-day America through her relationships with her friends.

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