TEST Julissa Calderon Reflects On Her Whirlwind Career And The Pressures Of Being The Face of Afro-Latinidad

You’ve probably seen Julissa Calderon before. The Afro-Latina “Dominicanita that could” has been a presence on both your computer and more recently TV screens for years. Now, as Julissa Calderon would say, she’s “popping off.” Not only is she starring as Yessika in Netflix’s “Gentefied,” and the upcoming Amazon Prime Series “With Love,” but she is also the face of the new ‘Got milk?’/’toma leche‘ campaign.

Recently, Julissa sat down with FIERCE to talk about her success, what keeps her grounded, and imposter syndrome. Here are some of the gems of wisdom that this FIERCE queen dropped in our interview.

On stopping to appreciate the progress we’ve made in our lives:

“I think it’s really interesting because so much so, we don’t look at our progress a lot because we’re constantly looking and what’s next? What’s next? What’s next? Sometimes, when I have time to actually sit down and reflect, and I look at the trajectory of what my life has been in the past couple years, I see the growth, not only in my career, but just as a human and just as a person. I see what my mindset used to be and how it’s not there anymore and it’s for the better.”

On being an example for younger generations by living her truth:

“Hopefully for the next generation of my family — all of the kids — I hope that they’re seeing what I didn’t see. That’s totally fine if you want to do a 9-to-5, but are you happy with your life? Because that’s how I live my truth. Just being happy with what I’m doing and making sure it aligns with who I am every single day.”

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