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Watching Her Mom Sacrifice Her Pets For Caldo Inspired Her To Create This Super Successful Line Of Soaps

Marcela Arrieta is proud of her soap company Majestic Bliss Soaps. Not only does it work to help clients relax after stressful days, the company tries to do as much good as possible. According to Arrieta, the soap company’s philanthropic work is just one aspect of what makes the brand so appealing . It doesn’t hurt that the soap is also vegan and cruelty-free. Arrieta spoke with FIERCE about her soap brand and why she believes companies who are doing social good are thriving.

Arrieta is the co-founder and creative director of Majestic Bliss Soap, a vegan and cruelty-free soap line.

“I’ve always loved animals. I remember growing up we had lots of chickens in our backyard. I considered them my friends not food,” Arrieta says about her decision to go vegan. “So when my mom would sacrifice a chicken for caldo de pollo the notion of eating my friend felt incredibly wrong. Later in life, as I began to study alternative medicine, I heard my teacher utter these words, ‘When you show mercy to the animal kingdom, mercy will be shown to you.’ I took this as a sign and immediately became vegan.”

It was her love of animals and commitment to helping others that inspired the soap company.

“The traditional soap that you see on the shelf, like Olay, those commercial brands, they actually use animal fat,” Arrieta says. “If you look at the label it says it there but in a scientific way. It’s there because it’s the cheapest kind of oil you can get. I stay away from any form of animal product and I source from companies who stay away from any form of animal product.”

“I put myself in the shoes of the consumer,” says the entrepreneur.

Arrieta believes that when it comes to choosing between two identical products from different companies, the company that does social good will be the one to get her money. “That’s what I incorporated into our company,” Arrieta says. “We do that on the daily. We donate our products, services, and time to organizations that do that.”

Making a special soap for the furry, four-legged members of families is also a part of what makes Majestic Bliss Soaps so popular.

Her experiences with her own dog, who deals with a rather severe allergy to grass, is what pushed Arrieta to extend her product to cats and dogs as well. To help her dog feel relaxed and soothed, so that the allergy was less intense, Arrieta began to produce a soap for pets. “They deserve the same quality as any human being,” Arrieta says about her Fur Paws soap. “I don’t see them as dogs, or cats, or pets. I see them as furkids.”

Majestic Bliss Soaps also does more than just donate money and time. They also donate to people in need.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, Arrieta sent 200 pounds of soap to the people in Houston. She even included bars of soap for the pets that had been displaced alongside their owners. Every month, Majestic Bliss Soaps donates money, products, and time to a list of organizations that benefit both humans and animals including Alleviate Skid Row and the Cesar Millan Foundation.

While the soaps aren’t marked with Mexican names or scents, Arrieta says her culture is very much apart of her product’s creative process.

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“I was exposed to a lot of colors growing up. I am from Jalisco the region that is called Los Altos De Jalisco,” Arrieta says. “There’s a lot of music and color surrounding me. The colors really did come from an inspiration from my upbringing but in reality everything came from my mother and my grandmother.”

Arrieta’s biggest piece of advice for any Latina trying to start her own company is not to feel bad about asking for help.

Power Couple ?❤️ the perfect Ying & Yang. Our founders Marcela and Plinio Arrieta.

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“The biggest lesson that I learned is not to be ashamed or embarrassed to reach out for help. You would be surprised how many people are there, ready and willing to assist you in any capacity they can assist you in,” Arrieta says. “Unfortunately, at least the background I came from, is that we are very orgulloso. Basically, I am too proud to ask for help because people are going to think that I am weak. We need to put that pride aside.”

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No Pagebreaks – Latino Food Is Getting The Vegan Makeover Thanks To These 11 Southern California Restaurants


No Pagebreaks – Latino Food Is Getting The Vegan Makeover Thanks To These 11 Southern California Restaurants


It’s hard to imagine that just less than a decade ago, it was a mission to find vegan options in neighborhoods such as Highland Park or Santa Ana. The lack of restaurants forced these innovative chefs to start creating homestyle Latino dishes with some vegan-friendly flair. Now those same neighborhoods and so many others throughout southern California catering to this cuizine and they are as Instagram friendly as they are delicious. Here are 11 spots you must visit in southern California.

1. Xochitl Vegan

This vendor is not a wallflower when it comes to using hibiscus to add flavor and color to burritos, tacos and nachos. Now we want to add some purple power to our nachos. Yum. Hibiscus is truly the unsung hero of Latino cuisine, both vegan and non-vegan.

2. Un Solo Sol

This Boyle Heights restaurant is taking pupusas up a level. They make spinach pupusa, mushroom pupusa and zucchini pupusas. For some extra protein, pinto beans take over for the cheese in a traditional pupusa. Genius.

3. Blue Window LA

If you’re looking for a plant-based breakfast while jetting out of LAX, this Highland Park-based eatery has got your back (and your stomach.) Blue Window LA’s soyrizo breakfast burrito is made with caramelized onions, breakfast potatoes, corn salsa, spinach, peppers and of course, soyrizo.

4. Señoreata

Cuban and Brazilian chef Evanice Holz makes Cuban comfort food that is delicioso. From Cuban sandwiches made with jackfruit asado to meat pies made with plant-based picadillo, you’re sure to find your favorite Cuban treat with plant-friendly ingredients.

5. Alchemy Organica

Scroll through celebrity chef Denise Vallejo’s Alchemy Organica Instagram feed and you will never see Mexican cuisine the same again—all the traditional dishes are reimagined with plant-based ingredients, like this ceviche made out of coco. Other dishes include family recipes handed down to Chef Denise, such as Mexicali-style ‘asada’ tacos and a traditional Mayan pumpkin seed dip called Sikil Pak.

6. Vegan by Victoria’s

If you’re looking to have pan dulce without all the artificial sugar but still want some sweetness, head on down to Santa Ana to visit Victoria’s Bakery. Baker Earvin Lopez is mixing up donchas, manteconchas, beloved spinkles cookies and more in a way PETA would be proud of.

7. Just Vegana

Quick: Can you spot the difference between your abuela’s tamales and these vegan ones by Just Vegana? Neither can we! This chef also makes mouthwatering pozole and tacos. Now your family has some non-meat tamale options when winter rolls in.

8. Vegatinos

Clever name, clever culinary skills. This pair of vegan Latinos are turning jackfruit into birria, tortas and tamales. Sign us up for that next pop up.

9. Cena Vegan

If you can’t make it out to one of Cena Vegan’s pop-up events, then head on out to one of their partner stores and buy yourself a bag of their plant-based meats such as carne asada or al pastor.

10. Mi Riconcito Azteca

This Pasadena restaurant that serves both Mexican food and antojitos from Central America has a plant-based option if you’re craving a huarache. Corn, calabacita and salsa verde come together on this mouth-watering plate.

11. Plant Food for People

Chef Genise started Plant Food for People in 2011 when she didn’t have any vegan options in her hometown of Highland Park. Now she is running a thriving food establishment serving up tortas, tacos and nachos to hungry Southern Californians.

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Pagebreaks – 17 Latin Dog Breeds You Should Beg Your Mom To Let You Have

Things That Matter

Pagebreaks – 17 Latin Dog Breeds You Should Beg Your Mom To Let You Have

When we think of Latinx culture, we don’t typically think of pets as the first thing central to our household lifestyle. With thousands of dogs in need of a home, here are some Latin American dog breeds for you and your mom to aww over and who knows, maybe she would even cave in and be up to adopt.

1. Peruvian Hairless Dog

Credit: Peruvian Hairless Dog. Digital Image. DogsAholic.

Known for being loyal and loving, the Peruvian Hairless dog will surely the best part of your day. Fun fact: perceived as an Incan dog, they were also kept as pets during Pre-Inca cultures.

2. Uruguayan Cimarrón

Credit: Cimarrón Uruguayo. Digital Image. Dogs For Show.

As the only native dog of Uruguay, people take great pride when having the Cimarrón as a pet. They make excellent candidates in dog competitions as well as for hunting and guarding.

3. Argentine Dogo

Credit: Dogo Argentino. Digital Image. Dogo Breeders.

Strong and smart, the Dogo Argentino is one reliable breed where it is willing to protect its human companion and show off a brave attitude.

4. Chihuahua

Credit: Chihuahua. Digital Image. Vet Street.

Tiny but mighty, Chihuahuas tend to put up on heck of a fight, whether when playing with other dogs or chasing off humans. If you have a spunky personality, then this breed may be for you.

5. Brazilian Mastiff

CREDIT: @dukey_and_lucky / Instagram / Digital Image / July 26, 2018

The Brazilian Mastiff has great tracking abilities and is very good at being a guard dog. They will always have you feeling safe while making a great cuddle buddy.

6. Chilean Fox Terrier

Credit: Chilean Fox Terrier. Digital Image. Vet Street.

It takes a while for this breed to warm to you but once it does, it is non-stop loving. They are growing popular in South America too so they might be even easier to spot out.

7. Havanese

Credit: Havanese. Digital Image. Wag!

Add on extra cheer to your life with a Cuban native Havanese dog. They can adapt to their surroundings so they are the perfect companion no matter where you are.

8. Brazilian Terrier

CREDIT: @sofalex_kennel / Instagram / Digital Image / July 26, 2018

Smart and playful, the Brazilian Terrier is a dog that is always on the go. Definitely one you take for a run or some exercise.

9. Xoloitzcuintle

CREDIT: @xolito_magico / Instagram / Digital Image / July 26, 2018

Also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, this is a rare breed that has been around for a long time. Known for its hyper personality, they are quite fun for the outgoing.

10. Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound

Credit: @SkyNews / Twitter

Double the nose, double the pros. First, by having the Double Nosed Andean Tiger Hound, you would have a rare breed from Bolivia. Second, their nose is what makes them special as no other breed is like them.

11. Mucuchí

Credit: Mucuchies. Digital Image. Adworks.Pk

This breed is well known for its white coat and for always being alert. They don’t call them the Venezuelan Sheepdog for nothing.

12. Guatemalan Dogo

Credit: Guatemalan Dogo. Digital Image. Dog Breed Info

Guatemala’s national dog, they are not only for companionship but also to serve and guard their families. They are also open to the friends of families bring your loved ones to meet this furry friend.

13. Ecuadorian Hairless Dog

Credit: Ecuadorian Hairless Dog. Digital Image. Wikipedia.

Coming from the Peruvian Hairless Dog, it is now one of the rarest breeds of dogs. Its body proportions allow it to be considered an elegant animal, and perhaps can reflect its shine on its owner.

14. Mexican Pitbull

Credit: luisnaex / Instagram

Also known as Chamuco, the origin gives the meaning “devil” to represent its fierce personality. A fighting dog, it can remain friendly and confident around humans.

15. Magellan Sheepdog

Credit: @thisisChile / Twitter

The Magellan Sheepdog can handle a lot of outdoor activities, such as snow temperatures, traveling long distance, and, as noted in its name, is able to herd sheep.

16. Argentine Pila Dog

Credit: Argentine Pila Dog. Digital Image. Pet Finder.

Due to its small size, Argentine Pila Dog is able to adapt into the apartment life quite easily. This makes the dog breed very easy to train.

17. Rastreador Brasileiro

CREDIT: @theogoldenlata / Instagram / Digital Image / July 26, 2018

Not usually kept as a pet, the Rastreador Brasileiro is a hunting dog that should not be near children and the elderly. However, with enough patience, they can be trained.

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