Wendy Williams Got It All Wrong With Maluma So Twitter Came Through With Some Education

We all know that daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has plenty of drama going on in her own life. However, that didn’t stop her from letting it all out on her review of the Billboard Music Awards. Particularly, Williams tried to come for Maluma.

In her Hot Topics segment, Wendy came for both Madonna and Maluma who performed the single “Medellin” at the awards show.

First, she went for Madonna.

Credit: @JohnJChristian / Twitter

Like, why even say something like that? Madonna might not be the youngest artist out there right now but she is doing her thing and elevating Latin music artist to mainstream audiences.

Then she got it all wrong with Maluma.

Credit: @WHITNEYH0UST0N / Twitter

After saying Madonna “moved like an old lady”, Wendy tried putting Maluma – who she thought was Madonna’s boyfriend – on blast. Williams was saying that he didn’t deliver during his performance with the Medellin singer. She was even confused because she thought Madonna’s boyfriend was supposed to be hot.

Wait up, Wendy. You did not.

Credit: @foreverantipop / Giphy

Maluma is a hit-making singer in his own right and we are all luck to have him in our lives. Clearly, you haven’t taken any time to listen to the 25-year-old’s hit songs like “Corazón” and it shows.

Maluma is pure fire.

Credit: @themcmeneses / Twitter

A few seconds later, Wendy switched gears. She puts a photo of the real-life sex god up on the screen and talks about how gorgeous he is before saying she thought he was Mariah Carey’s boyfriend.

Maluma + Madonna + Mariah? What the actual f*ck?

Credit: @CJG_TT / Twitter

All of this happens before one of her cameramen has to step in to tell her who this beautiful man really is. It’s Maluma, baby. Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy. The same guy from the Madonna performance.

You’re welcome, Wendy. #smh

Credit: @rupaulsdragrace / Giphy

For someone who loves to stir the pot and act like a know it all, you really dropped the ball here. Maluma is someone we all know and love. If you don’t know him, you better learn. He is going to be around for a long time.

Perez Hilton is not having it.

Credit: @ThePerezHilton / Twitter

Honestly, neither are we. She needs to make sure she and her team do some research before they try dragging people on air. Ignorance isn’t a cute look on you. This blatant disregard of one of reggaeton’s greatest icons is an absolute slap in the face.

If this wasn’t enough, for his first Met Gala outing, Maluma got no love on the pink carpet.

It was his first time there and he was absolutely working a stunning look. People rightfully pointed out that Maluma came to slay. The theme for the event was “Camp” and Maluma definitely slayed the challenge, showing up in a sparkly patterned Moschino suit.

Yet the getup didn’t seem to capture too many photographers attention.

As this actual footage of Maluma’s arrival clearly shows. Which left people, including us, completely puzzled. Like, how can you not pay attention to the Colombian singer that has captivated the hearts of millions? Unacceptable.

We the people are very pissed and heartbroken.

Credit: @hillabens / Twitter

He came to slay and slay he did. It is time for everyone to take a moment and recognize Maluma’s Met Gala look for what it is, gold.

It was a traumatic experience that fans are being forced to relive over and over because of social media.

Credit: @liveangel / Twitter

Who else is crying over it? The disrespect just seeps through the screen. Maluma deserves better. He is someone that needs to be respected and admired for his beauty and fashion choices.

ICYMI, here is the video of the beautiful and regal Maluma being ignored at the Met Gala.

This is a tragedy. Every photographer should be fired for not following through. He is a prince and deserves all of the spotlight we can give him.

A lot of people feel Maluma got cheated of his spotlight simply because gringos don’t know one of Latin America’s biggest stars.

Credit: @papiperea_ / Twitter

Like there were literally dozens of men that completely failed the challenge. They didn’t channel the event’s theme of “Camp” in any way and instead showed up in basic black. But their photos are all over the place.

He’s got style, he’s got beauty, and he’s got talent. What more does society want from him?

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Flipcard – These Are The Top Met Gala Looks That Left Us All Gasping As Latinos Took The Pink Carpet


Flipcard – These Are The Top Met Gala Looks That Left Us All Gasping As Latinos Took The Pink Carpet

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images | Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

The biggest night in fashion came and went last night, but we still can’t get over how these Latinos brought high fashion to the pink carpet this year. The theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” formally in reference to Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, Notes on “Camp.” Celebrities showed up and gave us all of the playful campy vibes we could handle.

Believe that while many guests played it safe–including most men who showed up in black suits, these Latinos came to deliver.

Cardi B stole the show and wore the red carpet.

@billboard / Twitter

The carpet this year was pink, in homage to the playful theme. In Cardi’s Instagram story later that evening, we see her eating pizza and watching Met Gala coverage while shouting, “Thom Browne! Thom Browne!” at the TV. She, and the rest of us, are in love with the designer, too.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez captured the theme with all the elegance.

@Laurielle69 / Twitter

J.Lo wore full-length Versace gown and apparently, fiancé Alex Rodriguez asked his Instagram followers to vote between a pink or a black tux. We’re glad he went pink.

Maluma arrived at the Met Gala for the first time looking dashing, even though everyone ignored him.

@stussyjoseph / Twitter

Maluma understands fashion like nobody. Apparently, Celine Dion didn’t understand what the ‘camp’ theme meant until the last moment. Bravo, Maluma. We see you and we love it.

Camila Mendes and boyfriend Charles Melton were looking chic af.

@BFPeroLike / Twitter

“I feel like a nugget amongst chicken selects,” Mendes told W Magazine as she was prepping for the Gala. She’s wearing head to toe Prabal Gurung and real ostrich feathers!

Meanwhile, Tessa Thompson’s ponytail was an actual whip.

@papermagazine / Twitter

Needless to say, everyone is feeling like Paper Magazine in this tweet:

Dear @TessaThompson_x,
You could step on me. 
The lesbian behind this account 

Indya Moore appeared to her first Met Gala in full camp regalia.

@LogoTV / Twitter

Facts: camp culture is queer culture, and our queer family showed up tonight. Billie Porter himself was carried by six men on a chariot into the show.

We were so excited to see MJ Rodriguez at the Met Gala for the first time!

@etnow / Twitter

And she was excited too! Check out her Instagram caption:

So happy to be gracing The #metgala#metgala2019!!!!! Wearing the amazing @richardquinn with @beladorajewelryand the one and only @louboutinworldheel !!!! My first time at the @metmuseum#GALA

Salma Hayek wore tulle tutu’s around her arms.

@ETCanada / Twitter

She also had a crown in her high bun. We loved this elegant yet daring look for this kind of event.

Bestie Penelope Cruz wore a stacked skirt gown.

@PenelopeCruz_Ru / Twitter

The color choices here are the furthest away from camp we’ve seen, but the longer you stare at the skirt, the more daring it seems. Of course, Cruz is as bella as ever.

Zoe Saldana gave us a sequin dress with orchids in her hair.

@ZoeSaldanaFanP / Twitter

We love that it’s her eyeshadow that brings both the sequins in her dress and the bright purple flowers in her hair together. Brava.

Thalia made us all wonder if her moonlit gown was lined with an ode to starry space.

@mtcjr81 / Twitter

Camp is all about sparking questions and intrigue. Thalia delivered and got us all excited about the rest of the pink carpet. Get it, Thalia.

Meanwhile, La La Anthony’s dress was inspired by that dinero.

@TheYBF / Twitter

The consensus is in: Latinos brought their A game and collectively won the 2019 Met. But this is all just appearances. Wait till you find out the drama behind the scenes.

Enjoy this flipcard!

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Personality Quiz – The Quintanilla Family Is Selling Stuff With Selena’s Face On It Because Everyone Needs It


Personality Quiz – The Quintanilla Family Is Selling Stuff With Selena’s Face On It Because Everyone Needs It


We are in the Golden Age of specialized and fast-fashion merchandise. Just like streaming services, companies, social media influencers, and celebrities are rushing to create stores to sell you the things you love. The same goes for the Quintanilla family who just launched their own merch store dedicated to selling all things with Selena on them.

You can finally buy (almost) all of your Selena needs thanks to the Quintanilla family’s new online store.

Credit: @SelenaLaLeyenda / Twitter

We didn’t know that we needed it but now people cannot live without it. The Quintanilla family is getting into the merch game and offering fans a chance to own clothing with the late Tejano singer’s face on it. This is not a drill.

People are freaking out because, well, anything for Selenassss.

Credit: @cleaningkenny / Twitter

She is literally speaking for the millions of Selena fans who are so excited to get their hands on this merch. The makeup line with MAC was cute but sold out so fast. Forever 21 bridged a gap for us for a while but getting it directly from the source is so much better.

The Quintanilla family is known to stopping unauthorized uses of Selena’s image so this is not too surprising.

Credit: @IBullockTorres / Twitter

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of bank accounts across the U.S. being drained of hard-earned cash to buy up all of the Selena merch fans can get their hands on.

Some women are already telling their boos what to get them for their birthdays.

Credit: @jayxrosee / Twitter

Pay attention, fellas. If your boo is asking you to buy her something for her birthday, just do it. She is not going to give you a hint if she is lukewarm about it. It’s best for you to just buy it.

Here’s some of the stuff you can expect.

The site did just launch so there isn’t a whole lot on the site right now. However, that does mean that you can beat all of your friends by getting all of the Selena merch you possibly can.

Get your watercolor Selena portrait sweater.

Credit: selena-official.com

Who wouldn’t want to rock this sweater on those chilly nights. You are guaranteed to be the hit of any party you go to while wearing this simple, yet charming, sweater.

How about a Selena Forever t-shirt for those comfy days?

Credit: selena-official.com

Get all of those 90s vibes we get when we thing of Selena with this “Saved By The Bell” style t-shirt. A plus side to the Quintanilla merch site is that everything is kind of reasonable. A sweater will set you back about $40 while t-shirts are $20.

Yet, some fans want more merch of the musical variety.

Credit: @r0bertg0nzalez / Twitter

This is something all Selena fans can get behind. Did you hear that, Quintanilla family?

Choose a word that doesn't describe you, but a word you would like to be described as:


Are you complete?


Which of the following do you find yourself thinking about the most?


Do you think you understand yourself?


Who do you think understands you best?

Who do you think understands you the LEAST?


Would you consider yourself lonely?


Choose a sentence that sounds most like you:


Would you consider yourself touchy?


Which of the following do you think you need the most?


What Type Of Spirit Follows You Around?

Joy guides are specifically brought to our lives to bring us joy, laughter, and to remind us to lighten up. Usually, joy guides are small children, fairies, or otherwise jokesters. Going through a difficult time? I suggest calling upon a joy guide to help you discover peace and light heartedness.rnrnYou are not happy right now, and that's okay - the first piece of growing is realizing that there is a problem. Face your dissatisfied nature and go have some fun! Maybe you've been working too hard, do whatever makes you happy for once.rnrnAnd, if I may offer a bit of advice, don't give half of a crap what people have to think about it either.

Message Bearer Guides assist us in improving our ability to get, hear, and deliver messages from the spirit world. They also assist us in finding and obtaining information. Working with message guides help those who are clairaudient to develop their skills and pass messages along to others. rnrnYou need someone to help you express all your thoughts to the world. You could make a great politician or activist. This spirit will help you make the difference that you know you can make. Wouldn't hurt if you went and bought a pair of Hermes sandals while you're at it, the winged ones.

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