Personality Quiz 131827 – Latino Vendors Are Not Happy About Disney World Selling Concha Ears

A day after the U.S. celebrated Cinco de Mayo, Disney World rolled out a new Mexican-inspired product: Concha Minnie Ears.

Which actor do you look like?

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The vanilla-colored, sequence-covered concha ears made their debut on Disney blog WDW News Today. 

@wdwnt / Instagram

As seen on the blog’s Instagram account, the vanilla conchas are backed with the same gold, shimmery fabric that lines the headband.

A super cute multi-colored, sequined bow adorns the top of the diadema.


It’s the perfect combo to go with the Mexican sweet bread ears. 

Needless to say, concha-inspired Minnie Ears is something that has long been on the wishlist of many Latino Disney fanatics and some fans are EC-STAT-IC!

@WDWNT / Twitter

Even if it means taking a second trip to Disney World, people are determined to get their hands on this pan caliente.

People are tagging their Disney buddies and coordinating their next trip to make sure they don’t miss out on the limited edition ears.

Because who doesn’t need these?!

However, most fans are pleading Disney goers to refrain from purchasing concha ears from Disney.

@WDWNT / Twitter

Latino Twitter is calling out that Disney stole the idea from independent vendors who have been selling concha ears for years.

In fact, Instagram user @lizzyzbowtique has had customizable concha ears with a similar bow in the middle since 2016.

@lizzybowtique / Instagram

No one is saying she invented this, but Disney, it’s been done.

Latino Instagram is also going HAM tagging their favorite concha Etsy vendors.

Kimmy’s Bowtique, known for creating a large variation of concha ears, is among those mentioned. Other Instagram users mention Zumi’s Instasale and May Day Couture, using the hashtag #supportlocalbusiness.

Even small business owners are jumping in to defend their work.

And their fans are jumping in to show they have their back.

Some want the Latino hustle to be a little more appreciated.

User @088omet is trying to issue a wakeup call!

If you’re in the market for some Latino-created concha Minnie Ears, you can get yours from Crystallicious’ Etsy Shop.

Crystallicious / Etsy

Or you can cop rose gold concha ears from LittleBigKk’s store.

Little Big Kk / Etsy

Because rose gold is all the rage these days.

Concha Crew has your back if you prefer something a little more goth.

ConchaCrew / Etsy

Tip: This vendor has an array of color combos to choose from.

If you want to go the super Mexi route, Jamie’s Magical Ears has Lotería Concha Ears.

Jamie’s Magical Ears / Etsy

It doesn’t get more Mexican than that.

And if you’re looking for ears that are Lotería covered, you can check back in with Crystallicous.

Crystallicious Shop / Etsy

And the sparkly red bow goes perfect with the multi-colored print!

And if a concha ear hat is more your thing, Gluestick Diva might be your go-to.

Gluestick Diva / Etsy

Oh and this comes in vanilla as well.

What are your thoughts on the Disney World concha ears? Let us know in the comments below, or share this article to let your friends where they can purchase small business concha ears!

Recommendation AnyClip, No Page breaks


Recommendation AnyClip, No Page breaks

Can you imagine a food festival dedicated only to conchas? Well it happened and it was more amazing than you think. The 2nd annual Concha Con was hosted on June 23 at the Plaza de la Raza in Lincoln Heights, California. More than 60 vendors sold delicious Latinx treats, particularly conchas, obviously. But the event was more than just edible conchas. It truly is a concha aficionados dream come true. Check out how the event went down.

First, and most obviously, there were all kinds of conchas to enjoy.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

Bread might just empty carbs but there was no empty stomachs by the end of the event. It was the concha-themed food festival for the ages. Is there any question why they have already celebrated their second year?

Of course, there were cooking classes.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

Chef Sandra Garcia was on hand to teach people how to make sweet bread from scratch. She also gave lessons on how to make concha french toast.

“This is a recipe that I learned when I was just starting up and it feels great to reteach this to our community,” Garcia said. “Concha bread is a part of every Latinos breakfast so why not have it as french toast.”

Ever have a concha torta? Me neither. But it does exist.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

A concha torta is something that you might make when you run out of regular bread but Casa de Brisa found a way to make this fantasy dish a reality. There was even an horchata concha drink available that tasted just like pan dulce.

Don’t worry, the unicorn fade is still alive and well and stuffed with ice cream.

Gourmeletas was on hand to deliver various types of concha ice cream including its sellout Uniconcha. The Uniconcha sold out within two hours of the event and had one of the biggest lines at Concha Con. #NotSurprised

Edible conchas were not the only conchas for sale.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

How can you not just melt over these cute little concha boxes? Take ?? my ?? money. ??

You didn’t know you needed a concha map of Los Angeles, until now.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

Various artists had pop-up shops on hand to display there love and hunger for conchas. An entire exhibit was dedicated to the history of pan dulce and it’s impact on Latino culture. This is relevant.

It was more than just a festival of conchas but a celebration of Latino culture.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

Families spent the day immersing themselves in their culture. This is something that is so necessary right now and Concha Con facilitated this experience.

It was only one day, but it was a glorious, carb-filled day.

CREDIT: CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

The event sold out and is a reminder of how special food is to the Latino community especially conchas to the Mexican community. Hopefully Concha Con will be bigger anf longer next year.

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Three Latinas Are Trying To Give Conchas A National Day


Three Latinas Are Trying To Give Conchas A National Day

Because every day should be concha day.

Three Latinas started a campaign on Change.org urging California Governor Jerry Brown to recognize December 8th as National Concha Day.

As most of us already know, conchas are a staple of Mexican tradition for Día de los Muertos, Christmas, and… every day if you’re in abuelita’s kitchen.

As conchas have gained more fame in Latino pop culture, three Latina foodies decided to take action to give conchas their own day to shine and 1,700 people have agreed.

Seventeen hundred proud concha lovers have already signed the petition.

The campaign needs a total of 2,500 signatures for Governor Jerry Brown to be presented with the request.

Some are signing the petition because conchas are much more than just pan dulce.

CREDIT: change.org

They are literally life.

Others have a sentimental connection to the beloved pan dulce.

CREDIT: change.org

But for most people, the concha is a representation of Latino culture.

CREDIT: change.org

Jessica Resendíz, one of the women who started this petition, says dedicating an entire day to the concha only makes sense.

“There’s a national day for everything: donuts, pizza, tacos! Why not one for pan dulce? I grew up having conchitas con chocolate. This would mean everything to us if it happens. In honor, we would celebrate with an event featuring local vendors, music, dance and of course conchitas con cafécito.”

– Jessica from @raggedytiff

For Karla Jimenez, another founder of this petition, National Concha Day would be a victory the Latino community as a whole.

“If National Concha Day was a reality it would mean another stepping stone, another reminder of the power and reach of our community. And of course it would be so much fun! We can foresee the awesome events and attention to local business and panaderías.”

– Karina Jimenez from @vivaloscupcakes

As for how Alicia Becerra, the third petition starter, would celebrate if National Concha Day became official:

“I would celebrate National Concha Day by taking my kids to our local panadería. We will eat conchas along with a warm cup of champurrado and share stories about their late Abuela Doña Concha that they never fully got to know.”

– Alicia from @aliciasdelicias

So why December 8th? December 8th is known in Mexico as Día de la Concepcion, and Concha is often used as a nickname for the name Concepcion.

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To help make National Concha Day a reality check out the change.org petition here and tell us what National Concha Day would mean to you in the comments below.

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